INTECHWELL designs, manufactures, and installs stainless steel process tanks and the systems for beer brewing, wine making, cider making, and other food and beverage industries worldwide.

Our process tank solutions may include storage, conveying, dissolving, dosing, mixing, pasteurizing, control & automation and cleaning solutions for soft drinks, juices and water and final filling. Our design is characterized by process security, the user-friendliness of operation and easy maintenance.

Our process system includes tanks, silos, piping systems, blending systems, distribution panels, and automatic valve matrix and conveying products.

The process systems are accompanied by a complete range of services:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing/installation
  • Project management and commissioning
  • System testing up
  • User training
  • Spare parts and after sales services

And it doesn’t matter if it is a tailor made single tank or a complete turn-key system, a new plant or a modernization project.