Stainless steel tank is an important piece of winemaking equipment. It is applied to both wine fermenting and storage. When fabricate the stainless steel wine tanks, INTECHWELL adhere to three important rules:

  • We design for complete and free drainage
  • We eliminate or seal weld crevices
  • No dead corner is allowed for bacteria trapping

Stainless steel grades 304 and 316 are particularly used in wine industry. 304L and 316L are also available on request.

Our product range covers red and white  wine fermentation tanks, cooling tanks and storage tanks, with capacities range from 500 liter to 50’000 liter. Pump-over circulation system, electronic control panel and other auxiliary mechanisms can be customized to your exact needs.

Feature Wine Tanks

Dry Red Wine Tank

Red Wine Tank

Fork Tanks

Fork tanks are an effective solution for dealing with smaller quantities. They are easily transportable, durable and reliable.

Fork tanks of INTECHWELL can be custom-made to suit individual needs with a full range of access manholes, fittings and dimple plate available. We can build storage and fermentation tanks to suit individual requirements.

Stainless steel wine tank with fork pocket, offset top cone, slope bottom and sump


★15HL – 60HL capacity available
★Available in grades 304 and 316
★Offset top cone
★Sloping or cone bases to suit your drainage requirements
★Full range of access manholes, valves and fittings, all from reliable factories
★Dimple plate section to manage temperature in low (140kPa), medium (300kPa) or high (550kPa) pressure ratings. The pillow can be fabricated to a minimum of 2mm to allow an excellent cooling.
★Internal welds ground smooth and polished
★Innovative design enables easy and safe operation

Both external and internal welds are taken great care as well as the port welding.
We believe that quality speaks for itself and we care for every detail which is invisible to the eyes.