Mixing and agitation is critical to juice processing. The fruit pulp requires through mixing. INTECHWELL’s extensive experience and our juice tanks can help customers overcome the challenge of ingredient agitation. Good quality stainless steel and high-grade polish are applied to present a pleasant tank appearance.

The stainless steel juice tanks are designed according to the specific product and its theological and chemical and physical characteristics. Options for various types of accessories and electronic control instrument are available. We take considerations of perfect hygiene and CIP suitability when design and weld the juice tanks.

Services for juice tanks:

Processing tanks for juice making: mixing tank, fermentation tank, buffering tank, storage tank
Piping work; platform design
Process design, filed installation and commissioning
Staff training

The capacity of juice tanks ranges from 500L to 300,000 L:

  • Pulp tank
  • Zymolysis mixing tank
  • Ultra filtration water tank
  • Clear juice tank
  • Cloudy juice tank
  • Condensed water tank
  • Pure water tank
  • Adding tank
  • Resin absorbing tank
  • Juice storage tank