INTECHWELL EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING CO., LTD (ITW for short) is a company engaged in offering innovative and cost effective solutions for stainless steel tanks and related systems for food and pharmaceutical industries.

INTECHWELL is the international brand of OSST STAINLESS STEEL PROJECT CO., LTD, who has evolved over 30 years supplying stainless steel tanks and is constantly improving the design and features to being an industry leader. We are Top One wine tank manufacturer in China and accounts for more than 60% of the market share.

ITW technical staff has decades of experience in designing, developing and testing. Our engineers and manufacturing staff strive on utilizing the state-of-the-art technology and equipment in order to meet the customer’s most challenging design demands.

From a single piece of stainless steel tank to a complex processing system, INTECHWELL is ready to provide a complete service on a global scale. You can count on INTECHWELL for reliable quality products with on time deliveries.

How Intechwell Work


We listen to your needs in order to understand what we can do to bring your bright ideas into brilliant realities.

Designing process

After deliberate analysis, our job is to design in a professional manner and provide you a tailored solution around your requirements. We use 3D modeling and design to render a more realistic picture of proposed tank design so our customer can see the tank in real position.

Developing process

We value communication which helps optimize the design.


Our team of fabricators is accustomed to working on new, never-before-built products, and will put their skills to fabricate the finest stainless steel equipment and systems.


ITW promotes the use of continuous improvement activities to provide quality products. We go through various tests prior to delivery. Our philosophy is zero defects.


We take care of your products and pack them in a number of packaging styles to ensure a sound delivery.

What Intechwell Promise

Intechwell promise to deliver on time, on budget and with the highest quality product.
We promise the best and fastest service. Intechwell will endeavor all our efforts to provide a better customer experience.
Our core values: excellence, innovation, integrity, collaboration

Service We Provide

Intechwell are glad to be your buying representative and to serve you with our rich experience in light industry products.

Our advantages:

  • Professional tech team, sales team and after sales service; every process clear and traceable
  • We are easier to distinguish good suppliers from bad ones because we can audit them more conveniently and more professionally.

Our consultants are from leading design consulting institutes. They know well about light industry.

Services we provide:

  • Product forecasting of entering into Chinese market
  • Investment consulting in China
  • Feasibility analysis, industry study, industry analysis and market research
  • Third party assessment in China

With the experience in food processing industry, we do project contracting for below industries.

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Spirit
  • Juice
  • Dairy
  • Red jujube

Intechwell cooperate with top engineering institutes to supply technology service. And we endeavor to introduce international leading technologies to China.

Below are the technologies Intechwell are good.

  • Red jujube ice wine industrialized production technology (patented technology)
  • Beer industrial production technology
  • Wine industrial production technology
  • Juice (concentrated or non-concentrated) industrial production technology
  • Salt/sugar industry ultrasonic descaling technology (patented technology)
  • Diaminocaproic acid industrial production technology
  • Spirit industrial production technology

What the clients say